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When can we start traveling again?

I am sure this is a question that a lot of people think of frequently, especially those of us that have the travel bug. Honestly, I wish I had a concrete answer or a specific date to give you, but I do not. The situation is constantly changing and evolving. This means everyone in the travel industry has had to be very fluid in changes. I can tell you that after meeting with various companies through webinars and zoom meetings that everyone is doing their absolute best to make it as safe as possible to travel again. Unfortunately, there will be no way to be 100% safe until a proper vaccine comes out.

Should we start planning for future vacations now? Absolutely! Right now is a great time to book your vacation. If you are unsure about how the situation may be in the future, rest assured that there a ton of options and policies in place to give you extra peace of mind when booking. There are a lot of deals that are happening right now for future travel. If you are like me and cannot wait to get back to traveling, you should think about when you will feel safe to start traveling. That is the most important aspect, when you feel safe. From there, you can start planning your next vacation.

Personally, I do not plan on traveling this year. It was a decision made by weighing how vulnerable I am as someone who has asthma and what would happen if I were to contract COVID-19 while traveling. A lot of things are starting to open, like Disneyland and cruises are gearing up to start running again. It is exciting to see that we are slowly getting back to being able to travel again. I do want to see how things are handled in the beginning first. I do plan on traveling next year. My hopes is to go on a trip around May.

What are your thoughts? Will you wait or have you been as anxious as me to go on another vacation? I know that I daydream about my next cruise and going to a new place.

I hope that we all get to go where we want to soon with the new safety measures in place. Stay safe and healthy everyone. The current situation of the world is chaotic, but we must always strive to move forward.


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