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How has the pandemic changed my plans?

My vision board and bucket list after the pandemic, has it really changed?

As someone who works in travel and who loves travel, this pandemic has been hard. Travel is my escape and my way of refreshing myself. Of course, travel is an integral part of how I envision my future. On my bucket list, ride every single rollercoaster in the world. I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker. I just love riding rollercoasters. On my vision board is a cruise ship because I want to make sure I go on at least one cruise every year since it’s my favorite type of vacation.

Do we let fear prevent us from moving forward? No, I don’t think so. We also make sure that we move forward safely. I genuinely believe that not doing our part to keep everyone else around us safe is reckless. Travel is all about connections. For me, that also means that travel is caring. When you are traveling to a new place, you are bringing money into their economy and experiencing their culture. The companies I like to work with also provide opportunities to give back so that my travel has a positive impact on the communities that live there.

I am not afraid of what the future will look like after the pandemic. I am hopeful that we will come out more caring and understanding of each other. That is one of the main reasons I want to help people plan their vacations. My hope is that travel will enlighten us, enrich us, and help us on our journey to be better people.

I won’t change my vision board or bucket list. Maybe I’ll have to put off some of them by a little bit of time. If we are not wasteful of our time, then we can live with no regrets even in such uncertain times. In the meantime, I will dream of that next vacation and work on being a better person when that time comes.

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves also. Give yourself love. Do what makes you happy. Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Grow and be the person you wish you could be.


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