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3 Favorite Deals in September You Won't Want To Miss

Aloha! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling fabulous. I just wanted to share our favorite deals going on that you may not know about. But don't wait too long to book. These deals won't last long!

Just a reminder, we do update our site to inspire your next vacation. If you haven't yet, you can check out our promotions page for those ideas/deals.

1. Save up to 25% in at Aulani, the Disney resort and spa in Hawaii. This is great for a family vacation or for those that are Disney kids at heart. You can find the Details Here.

For those that are worried about coming to vacation in Hawaii because of the current events happening here. Feel free to have a chat with me. I live here and most people here welcome visitors. It is more about respect than anything else. When you book a Hawaii vacation with Custom Kit Travel, you get to learn about my beautiful home and how you can be a more mindful visitor to these islands.

E hele mai, come visit.

2. For those who want a more luxurious experience, I recommend Regent Seven Seas Cruises®. They offer a truly immersive experience, from their exquisite cuisine to the attention to detail in service. Contact us to find out more about this offer that will treat you to a first class experience from when you take off from home to being onboard their ships.

3. Save $300 a person on select Globus Africa and South Pacific Tours for travel in 2023 and 2024.

For those that rather keep their feet on land but still want adventure, Globus has great deals for tours all over the world. I recommend taking advantage of this deal if seeing Africa or visiting the beautiful islands of the South Pacific have been on your bucket list. Contact us to find out more about this offer and find out what adventure would be best for you.

I hope you feel inspired and ready for your next vacation. If you're working, don't forget that PTO and vacation hours were meant to be used. If you're retired, let these years of freedom be an adventure. Those with little ones or big kids, take the time to do something fun with them because they are only that age for so long.


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