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A City That Took Us By Surprise

I recently went on a trip to Dallas, Texas. I wasn’t there for vacation but rather training. Dallas was most certainly not a bucket list item or a dream destination for me. At first, being from Hawaii, we were wondering what we could do in Dallas. I turned to friends for advice, mostly for food recommendations. As we all know, people from Hawaii are true foodies. We love to eat and try new things. Turns out there was more than great food waiting for us in Dallas.

I must talk about the hospitality first. Everyone we encountered in Dallas was warm and welcoming. We felt very comfortable while exploring. In my training, I got to meet the most wonderful gathering of ladies from all over the US. I’ll never forget them or the amazing experience I had on this trip.

Highlight of our trip was hanging out with our new friends and a friend of ours that lives in Dallas. We also enjoyed the city lights. Driving on the highway system is crazy compared to Hawaii. My other half loved it when the speed limit was 70 mph. He just wished he could have brought up his Toyota MR2. Thanks to our new friends we found a place filled with retro games that brews their own cider. I have never seen so many pinball machines in my life.

We also found out that they have a go kart race track that can go up to 100 mph. That’s on our list for things to do the next time we go to Dallas. We loved it so much that we want to go back.

Sometimes you might think that a trip of a lifetime means leaving your home country to explore exotic locales. Many times, it’s what you make of every trip you take, even if it’s in your own backyard. For those that might not be able to afford that African safari, consider visiting a city you’ve never been to before in your own country. It might surprise you.

(To see all the food we tried and more pictures, check out our Facebook page!)

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