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Now is the best time to book trips

You may be asking why should I plan my trip during the holiday season if we’re going out of country? The answer is simple: So you can get the money now for your future trip.

For those that have traveled to other countries, you may have already encountered this. You get to another country and go to exchange bills for their currency. Problem is, they will only accept newer bills that are in perfect condition. This means that the bills are crisp with no tears, marks, or bends of any kind.


Since I come from a financial background, I see people coming in all the time to request for newer money because they are traveling to Thailand or the Philippines. These places will not accept money that is older or looks used. They are very strict out of fear of accepting counterfeit currency. Therefore, you have to plan ahead to pull out enough new money to last you the whole trip. This includes money for tipping. If you tip with old money, the people you just tipped now have no way to "cash" that money.

Ok, but I can do that at any time, right?

You could…or you could get your money during the holiday season when banks and credit unions are guaranteed to have new money. Since people always request new or crisp bills to give as gifts, banks and credit unions order new money specifically during this time. It's incredibly hard to get new, crisp one dollar bills otherwise.

I’ve provided a list below of countries that you should be getting new bills for. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to any of these places, I encourage you to start planning that trip now. That way you can get your money ahead of time and have one less thing to worry about.

Here is a list of countries that we know of that only take new, crisp U.S. bills. If you know of other countries that aren't listed, let us know!

  • Thailand

  • Indonesia

  • Uganda

  • Russia

  • Ukraine

  • Turkey

  • China

  • Latvia

  • Czech Republic

  • Kenya

  • Tanzania

  • Mozambique

  • Philippines

  • Jordan

  • Mexico

  • Ghana

  • South Africa

  • Palau

  • Chile

  • Zimbabwe

  • Bolivia

  • Myanmar

  • Peru

  • Chile

  • Argentina

  • Uruguay

  • Bolivia

  • Venezuela

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